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What Is a Knot Pillow And What Is It Used For?

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

What Is a Knot Pillow?

You’ve likely seen knot pillows popping up on your favorite interior designer’s IG feed. What exactly is a knot pillow, and what’s the story behind its creation? The knot pillow is exactly what it sounds like: a single, giant knot!

knot pillow small

What is the purpose of a knot pillow?

Our knot pillows are a great way to create a stylish, cozy space to nap and relax. But they’re KNOT just a pretty face – they also have a host of benefits!

Because of the way our softest minky plush & boucle knot pillows are made, they function as a natural stress-reliever for your space too. The soft, stretchy, and squishy, filling of our knot pillows makes them pliable. The sensory input your body receives from squeezing and hugging this natural foam material helps ease tension and soothe stress levels, adding a sense of relaxation to your living space.

knot pillow mat


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